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Rough Dealer's License

Sochi Diamonds™ is in the process of applying for the rough diamond dealer's license in South Africa. We intend to apply for similar licenses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Russia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, and Russia.

Polished Diamonds

Sochi Diamonds™ recently applied for the Diamond Cutting License in South Africa. We intend to polish all rough diamonds at Jewel City in Johannesburg before exporting them to the markets in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, and the Middle East.
Diamonds from Botswana, one of the African states from where India imports stones for its diamond-cutting industry. On Wednesday, India pledged $5bn in aid to African countries to help them realize the millennium development goals.

 Diamond Trading Centers & Mining Sites

Jewel City, a high-security district in the eastern part of the Johannesburg CBD were completed this month with the addition of 137 dedicated visitor parking bays adjacent to the visitor sign-on station. Jewel City is home to about 300 leading diamond dealers, jewelers, diamond laboratories and industry schools and the base for the SA Diamond Regulator and State Trader. The area was increased from 1 630 to 2 480 square meters and now includes the provision of a secure loading bay and new state-of-the-art training and conference facilities.
The entire precinct is now just over 43 000 square meters. Rice says Redefine has invested heavily in the precinct and if demand allows will add an additional 5 000 square meters to accommodate further parking, offices and beneficiation space.