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Reef Gold Refinery

Reef Gold Refinery hopes to become one of Africa's most reliable and efficient refining, smelting and assaying facility.  We will have capacities to process small as well as large lots, solid scrap, polishing sweeps, floor sweeps, filings, grindings and just about anything containing gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

We will invite our clients to watch as their scrap gold or sweeps turn into cash. Our facility will be designed to allow clients to accompany their material (scrap, polishing dust, bench sweeps, etc.) through our facility. Assure yourself of a quick and efficient settlement while we maximize their value with accuracy and precision.

We may be able to assist our customers in these financially complicated times by offering them various payment options, check, certified check, wire transfer, bank drafts, bullion or the exchange of products from our inventory.

We will serve the Jewelry, Dental, and Mining industries as well as investors. As prime refiners of precious metals, customers will be able to eliminate the middleman, and receive fast, accurate and reliable settlements.

Services Provided:

Refiners of gold, silver and platinum
Smelters of precious metals
Assayers of gold, silver and platinum group metals
Purchasers of gold, silver and platinum scrap
Polishing sweeps processed and purchased
Bench sweeps smelted and assayed
Floor sweeps processed and purchased
Buyers of gold, silver and platinum
Sink sludges processed and purchased
Dental scrap processed and purchased
Scrap gold purchased
Scrap silver purchased
Scrap  platinum purchased
Scrap palladium purchased


Quoted prices will be based on current precious metals market prices, plus a small premium.

We will offer discounts on quantities purchased in order to allow you to order the quantities necessary with the added information of what your costs might be if you needed additional sums.

We will have many different products available for immediate delivery, the necessity to wait for fabricating, milling or casting your order will eliminated. Every attempt will be made to maintain reliable and dependable service.

We will provide the highest quality precious metal products in the industry, all guaranteed to meet or exceed the minimum standards for karat accuracy and requirements. As indicated, our products might come spooled or in straight lengths, packaged or loose. All our precious metal products will arrive in a unique package or container for protection and convenience.

All weights & measures will be indicated in grams for gold and platinum products. Troy ounces will be used for all silver, master alloy, and base metal products.

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