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Platinum & Gold Bank™

Doors Open: June 16, 2016

At Platinum & Gold Bank  we will offer superior financial products and quality service through our dedicated people, advanced and secure technology, in a manner which achieves our goals and enhances the success of our customers.

We will support businesses, communities, and personal relationships, in order 
maximize the value for our customers,
employees, and shareholders.

Platinum & Gold Bank Products & Services

Platinum & Gold Bank products and services will be designed to help customers achieve their financial goals.

Many of our checking accounts and credit cards will offer instant approval.

Checking Accounts

Credit Card

Home Mortgage

1. First Time Home Buyers
2. Refinancing Your Home
3. Mortgage Loan Options
4. Mortgage Business Partners

Debt Consolidation
1. Premier Loan

Wealth Management

1. Investments & Personal Trust
2. Private Banking 3. Financial Planning & Insurance

Self-Directed Brokerage

Direct to Consumer Insurance
 1. Simplified Issue Term or Whole Life Insurance
2. Fully Underwritten Term Term Life Insurance
3. Personal Life Insurance
4. Accidental Death & Dismemberment
5. Auto Insurance
6. Renters/Homeowners Insurance

Loans & Lines of Credit

1. Home Equity Lines & Loans
2. Home Equity - Smart Refinance
3. Auto Loans
4. Premier Line Personal Line of Credit
5. Reserve Line Overdraft
6. Line of Credit
7. Premier Loan
8. Boat Loans
9. Student Loans

Order Foreign Currency

Prepaid Cards Savings Accounts Certificates of Deposit


1. MasterCard Secure Code

2. Verified by Visa

Student Banking Internet Banking Mobile Banking

Bills Pay & eBills Online Statements

Invest on Your Own with a Brokerage Account

Deposit products will be offered through Platinum & Gold Bank.
Investment products and services will be offered through Akayi Investments:


Akayi Investment will be affiliated to FINRA and SIPC, a wholly owned brokerage subsidiary of Soweto Investment Corp.
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Scholarships will be available in June 2015 for the following training programs at BVS:

Training for Banks

Easy to use, easy to manage and customizable.

By tailoring the industry's most user-friendly, blended-learning system to fit your bank's needs, BVS gives your employees the power to drive more profitable customer relationships. And the depth, breadth and quality of our compliance training and support help you effectively manage compliance risk.

Our comprehensive online training library is completely customizable and includes a wide range of industry-specific courses covering such topics as security, compliance, lending, teller skills, product knowledge, operations, management and sales skills.

Plus, our unmatched Learning Management System makes it simple to schedule, track and document your bank's entire training program.


The BVS Directors Center has been created specifically to support you, a bank director, in meeting your many challenges.

As a Director, you can:

  • Access courses specifically developed for your responsibilities along with courses covering every aspect of depository institution operations and compliance;
  • Schedule and attend e-Meetings from your own office and receive, upload and share important documents securely;
  • Access the BVS Compliance Center for the latest regulatory information and guidance.

BVS Directors Center: keeping you informed, educated and connected to your Board.

Retail Bankers

As part of our learning program, we have a large selection of courses dedicated solely to retail banking. Not only do these courses cover topics ranging from new accounts to consumer lending, they also help you share with your employees the importance of service, cross selling and building positive relationships with customers.

Many of our courses will also assist your employees in increasing their understanding of federal regulations to help your institution remain in compliance and reduce your risk of violations.

And improving

compliance, while enhancing your customer relationships, can have a very positive effect on your bottom line


Now, more than ever before in the history of financial institutions, accuracy and good judgment have become paramount when it comes to lending. BVS subject matter experts are successful, experienced lenders who ensure that the lending course content is accurate, current and complete.

And because we cover everything from the very basics of lending to advanced credit practices, all of your people from the most junior to the most senior will find value in our course offerings.

We help you make good loans.


BVS makes learning easy.

The right training program not only helps you do your job better, it helps you feel more comfortable and confident in your workplace.

Our entire learning program is based on the premise that engaging, entertaining and interactive courses make training more enjoyable and more effective. And our courses use a wide variety of techniques to help you stay dedicated to the learning process.

Our blended-learning approach provides options that allow you to effectively use training and retain information. For example, with role-modeling scenarios you'll experience what you're learning before you face the same situations in the real world. And we've developed other exercises that make learning more fun and interactive.


BVS delivers a turnkey learning system. Our data-integration specialists handle all the integration for you, so you don't have to worry about any drain on your IT resources.

And our Quick-Connect tool uses Microsoft Windows Active Directory integration to securely connect to our learning system without your users having to remember their passwords each time. Not only does this make life easier for them, it also saves you the time and trouble of having to search for, or reset, lost passwords.

Finally, RSM McGladrey performs an annual SOC1 Type 2 audit of the BVS IT environment to ensure that we are working under the most secure IT controls possible.

All of this means that not only is our learning system comprehensive, it's also secure and hassle free.

Compliance Officers

We understand that managing compliance at a bank can be a little daunting. That's why we try to take as much of the burden off you as possible.

Our wide range of online compliance courses can help reduce errors resulting from a lack of regulatory knowledge, outdated information and inconsistent training. They can also help you reduce the time spent preparing and facilitating training, as well as the costs associated with outside training seminars and consultants.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides help with reporting and proof of training and can also help bankers earn and maintain their professional certification with continuing education credits through the Institute of Certified Bankers and the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists® (ACAMS®).

We have a team of compliance experts on staff who regularly publish articles on the latest federal compliance issues, carefully review all of our compliance courses, and will even answer your specific federal compliance questions.

Our Compliance Center also provides sample compliance policies that are easily customizable. In addition, you'll find compliance kits on various subjects, compliance-review checklists, links to key regulatory sites...and much more.

It's like having your very own compliance expert just a few keystrokes away...and it's all included with your subscription.

Human Resources

Make the other parts of your job easier.

As your bank's Human Resources representative, you know the continuous development of your greatest assets — your people — results in significantly improved on-the-job employee performance, workplace morale and job satisfaction.

The BVS training program not only helps you with employee development, but it also makes the other parts of your job easier.

Our preset curriculums, combined with detailed assessments, allow you to better plan employee career development and bring new hires up to speed in less time.

Plus, all of our courses and curriculums are easily customizable to reflect your bank's unique culture — from specific language to listing the details of a particular process that is unique to your bank.

Our optional information management tools give you the means to have bank policies always available to employees who need them. This ensures that people will be aware of your policies — no matter how recently they were updated. It also reduces the need for and cost of printing and reprinting updated manuals.

And with BVS Quick-Connect, you and your employees will always have easy access to the BVS learning system — simply click on a desktop icon for a secure, password-free connection.

Best of all, setup is easy. Implementing the system is a breeze with BVS handling the integration with your HR management system.

Security Officers

We take bank security as seriously as you do. From understanding routine opening and closing procedures to the frightening prospect of dealing with a robbery, our courses help your staff prepare for these events and assist you in meeting the requirements of the Bank Protection Act.

We also provide training that teaches your employees the importance of prevention through observation, as well as how to identify fraud, scams and forgeries.

In addition, we have a number of courses that cover topics such as anti-money laundering regulations, identity theft and information security.

In short, our courses help you foster an overall security awareness within your staff.



As the CEO of your bank, you probably already know that the right training can increase employee performance and help your employees recognize and take advantage of opportunities to grow your business.

Our clients have also found that with our online learning tools, employees increase relationships per customer, better manage compliance risk and improve their productivity. Additionally, they experience greater job satisfaction which, in turn, reduces turnover.

Great training is an investment that can help increase your bottom line. Not only will that make you happy, it will make your shareholders happy as well.


At BVS, we believe that the development of your people results not only in a significant return on investment but also in the smoother running of your business.

And our clients have found the same. Our learning tools have helped them increase relationships per customer, improve employee productivity and job satisfaction, reduce turnover and better manage compliance risk.

Our wide range of courses can also be customized so that all of your employees can develop solid product knowledge as well as an in-depth understanding of the day-to-day functioning of your bank.

All of this helps you to ensure the smooth functioning of your bank — and a healthier bottom line.