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Contract Electronics Manufacturingcontract electronic manufacturer

Manufacturing continues to grow in Africa, fueled primarily by innovations in technology, human capital, and advances in the manufacturing process itself. Therefore, the next-generation manufacturer must zealously protect its intellectual property and assets associated with such manufacturing technologies.

Electronics companies are constantly pushed to reach beyond their limitations to create devices that are more compact and more advanced, while still keeping prices low. The costs involved with creating new products, however, can make it very difficult to keep the price down or to become profitable. It is for these reasons that Akayi Electronics has considered outsourcing vendors and contract electronics manufacturers for the foreseeable future. The following are key reasons why Akayi™ Electronics has considered working with a contract electronics manufacturer.

1. Gain New Insights

Technology is constantly evolving, and new ideas and methods are continuously being developed in order to streamline the process of designing and building better electronics. A contract electronics manufacturer will bring these new concepts to the table, opening new possibilities. They will be able to point out ways to adjust our product designs in such a way that production costs will be reduced and quality will be greatly improved

2. Take Advantage of the Most Advanced Technology

Akayi™ Electronics will greatly benefit from the latest and advanced technologies of contract electronics manufacturers.

3. Improve Customer Satisfaction

By working with a contract electronics manufacturer, we will improve the quality of our products and ensure customer satisfaction. Akayi™ Electronics will ensure that the parts used in our devices are not only advanced but also continuously tested for quality and compliance. By selecting US based contract electronics manufacturer, we will guarantee that the parts in our devices are genuine and authentic and the quality meets US standards.

4. Broaden Our Horizons

From start to finish, a contract electronics manufacturer can speed up our processes while improving the design and production of your devices. As a result, our business will become more efficient and organized, freeing up the time for our technicians to design new and technologically advanced products for our customers. This will afford us the time, technology, and financial resources to have a competitive advantage. 

Akayi™ Electronics is currently negotiating a Contract Electronics Manufacturing Service with AirBorn Electronics, Inc., based in the USA for a variety of products including; Printed Circuit Board, Wire Processing, Cable Assembly, Harnessing, Fiber Optics, box builds and much more. AirBorn also offers complete turnkey, Product Design to help increase our time-to-market.

Company Overview

AirBorn, Inc. manufactures electronic connectors. It offers nano, micro-miniature, micro-d, and rectangular connectors, as well as cable systems and assemblies, flexible circuits. The company serves aerospace and avionics, defense, geophysical, industrial, automotive, and medical industries. It offers its products through a network of distributors and sales representatives world-wide. AirBorn, Inc. was founded in 1958 and is based in Georgetown, Texas. It has operation locations in London, Shanghai, and Tokyo. It has manufacturing facilities in Georgetown, Addison, and Winnsboro, Texas; Lake City, Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona; Little Falls, Minnesota; Chatham, United Kingdom; and Toronto, Canada.

The Contract Electronics Manufacturing Service will include:

  • PC Boardroom
    • SMT
    • Thru Hole
    • Inspection
    • Testing
  • PCB Equipment List
  • Wire Processing
  • Cable Assembly
  • Harnessing
  • Wire Harness Equipment List
  • Fiber Optics
  • Box Builds
  • Custom Battery Packs
  • Engineering Services
AirBorn offers a wide variety of engineering services to assist with “time to market”.

  • DFT (Design for Test)
  • DFM (Design for Manufacturing)
  • NPDG (New Product Development Group)
  • IPC EMS Program Managers & Application Engineers
  • Printed Circuit Design( using Altium software)
  • Firmware development
  • CAD/CAM drawing services
    • assembly drawings, cable drawings
  • Work Instruction development
  • Schematic development
  • RoHS compliance
  • Parts obsolescence services
  • Alternate parts recommendations
  • Design Work
  • Test Requirements
  • Prototype builds
  • Reverse Engineering
  • AirBorn applications engineers work directly with the customer’s engineers on site


Our vision of the factory has many different divisions including, advanced, smart, and intelligent systems manufacturing, etc., but a common understanding that the key to success is networked, data driven processes that combine innovative and automation, with a transformed manufacturing workforce at every level from the shop floor to
the factory control level to the global supply chain.

Our products will include, but not limited to:

  • Personal Computers
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Cell Phones
  • Ipads
  • VCRs
  • Plasma TVs
  • Dish Washers
  • Microwaves
  • Toasters

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