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Brownstone Capital we employ friendly and professional staff who have extensive experienced in providing excellent customer service and a pleasant car leasing experience for our customers. Apply for Financing or call us to learn about our Leasing Company. We are sure you'll discover Brownstone Capital is the right place to buy your next vehicle so stop in today! Our fleet will include:

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Leasing Business Equipment

Looking to equip your new business? Whether you need computers, desks, machinery, or a vehicle, you want to make cost effective purchasing decisions. Why not consider leasing equipment instead of buying it? Here is some information to help you decide if leasing is right for you

Benefits of Leasing Business Equipment
Aside from a reduced cash outlay, there are many benefits to leasing equipment:

  • Leasing can save you the time and hassle involved in finding someone who will extend you credit for purchasing equipment.
  • You can keep pace with emerging technology.
  • Short-term leases give you the opportunity to evaluate whether the equipment fits your needs.
  • Maintenance may be included in the lease, saving you additional costs.
  • If you use the leased asset in your business, you may enjoy a potential tax advantage because your lease or rental payments are fully deductible.

Leasing also has its disadvantages. For example, the lifetime cost of the asset is generally going to be higher than if you purchased it. You are also giving up any ownership interest, which can be especially costly if you rely on the equipment and find at the end of the lease that the equipment is too expensive to purchase outright. You may also find that you lose the tax benefits of depreciation deductions.

Factors to Consider When Leasing Equipment
There are many variables to consider when making the decision to lease equipment. Here are a few considerations:

  1. If you anticipate needing the equipment for the long-term and want to establish equity in it, try to negotiate a purchase option under which a portion of your lease payments is credited to the purchase price.
  2. Doing your homework can help prevent undesirable legal repercussions. Consider asking a lawyer to look over a lease before signing it.
Need to Lease Equipment for Your Business?

No problem, we've got you covered with...
  • Equipment lease rates as low as 6.99%!*
  • Receive up to R100,000 with financials.
  • Finance of your equipment and soft costs.
  • Lightning fast approval process.
  • Financing that qualifies for more tax deductions.
We have a wide variety of equipment lease options for...
  • New or used equipment purchases, upgrades and replacements.
  • Machinery, technology, software, business systems, furniture, vehicles, inventory or any equipment you need.
  • Sole proprietors, corporations, vendor resellers, franchises, non-profits, government agencies and more.


Laptop Computer Leases

Laptop Computer Leases are more ideal if you have a longer term need, but nevertheless a temporary one. Our Agents can procure any kind of laptop computer you might need, however many of them you might need, anywhere from one to five year terms.


Laptop Computer Leases For Business Travel

Laptop Leases For Long Term Travel

Sometimes companies have employees that are constantly traveling, but despite constant travel, they also need computing technology. Rather than purchasing laptops for traveling employees to use, leasing laptops is a much more ideal method of acquiring temporary laptops.
Laptop Leases For Students

Laptop Leases For Students

Students need laptops, it's just a fact. Often however, students themselves can't afford to purchase the laptop that they need. Leasing is an ideal option, since they can get a laptop to use at lower cost, and they can agree upon leasing contracts from one to five years. Laptop leases for non-business are available for qualified customers only.
Laptop Computer Leases For Temporary Employees

Laptop Leases For Temporary Employees

If your company needs temporary laptops for temporary employees or subcontractors to use, leasing your laptops is a viable option. Rather than purchases laptops for these employees to use temporarily, with a laptop lease you can just return the laptop(s) without having to deal with superfluous technology in your inventory.

Need a Laptop Computer for a short-term basis?

If you need any kind of laptop computer for less than one year, consider our renting options. We can rent anything from desktops, to laptops, and even iPads for any short-term duration. Contact a Brownstone Capital Agent to get started on a rental quote today.


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Farm Equipment Lease

Brownstone Capital can help you finance or lease farm equipment by well known brand or manufacturer, however, we recommend leasing because of all the benefits of leasing. Brownstone Capital will provide Farm Equipment Lease for farmers all over Africa. We will assist small to large farmers attain the farm equipment they need. From tractors, harvesting equipment, and planting equipment. Whether you would like to lease new or used farm equipment it doesn't matter we can help you attain the equipment you need. Here are ten reasons why you should get your Farm Equipment Lease from Brownstone Capital.

Top Ten Reasons for Farm Equipment Lease

1. Farm Equipment Lease improves cash flow.
No down payment! Farm Equipment Lease provides 100% financing.
Farm equipment lease can be a pre-tax expense and the payment is only a small fraction of the price of buying equipment. Farming is a seasonal business. Farm Equipment
Lease Payments can even be scheduled to coincide with your company's seasonal cash flow.

2. Farm Equipment Lease provides other credit sources.
Farm equipment lease keeps a company's 
available to meet other needs.

3. Farm Equipment Lease avoids risk of usage or technological obsolescence.
Farm equipment lease allows for upgrades and equipment add-ons. Don't get stuck with a piece of equipment while technology continues to produce higher quality and more capable equipment through time.

4. Farm Equipment Lease conserves operating capital.
Free up your company's working capital for other business expenses by the use of farm equipment lease.

5. Farm Equipment Lease offers fixed-rate financing.
Farm equipment lease allows for fixed payments which will improve your company's ability to budget and forecast.

6. Farm Equipment Lease allows choice of equipment.
Companies can specify the equipment they need and the source - as if purchasing it directly.
All normal manufacturers' warranties are passed through to them.

7. Farm Equipment Lease helps hedge against inflation.
Low, fixed-rate pricing protects against inflation and allows current acquisition with tomorrow's dollars.

8. Farm Equipment Lease makes more equipment available.
Because the monthly lease payment is a small portion of the total cost of the equipment, leasing allows
a greater amount of equipment for a given dollar allocation.

9. Farm Equipment Lease provides flexibility.
Flexible end-of-lease options let a company purchase,
refinance,  upgrade or return the equipment.

10. Farm Equipment Lease offers tax advantages.
With operating leases, tax laws allow the deduction of lease payments as a business expense.

Brownstone Capital will help small to large farmers lease the following equipment.

Farm Equipment Lease

Tractors Lease

2WD Tractors
4WD Tractors
Antique - Collectibles Tractors
MFD/FWA Tractors
Track Tractors


Combine Head
Corn Picker
Cotton Picker/Stripper
Header Trailer
Husking Bed
Kernel Processor
Peanut Equipment

Hay/Forage Lease

Bale Accumulator
Bale Bed
Bale Wagons and Retrievers
Bale Wrapper
Forage Blower
Forage Box
Forage Havester
Hay Head
Mower Conditioner
Raker - Tedders - Inverters
Row Crop Head
Silage - Forage - Dump Box
Swather - Windrower
Tub Grinders - Bale Processors
Windrower Inverter


Fertilizer - Lime Dry Equipment
Sprayers and Liquid Equipment


Bedders and Specialty Tillage
Bale Wagons and Retrievers
Bale Wrapper
Forage Blower
Forage Box
Forage Harvester
Hay Head
Mower Conditioner
Raker - Tedders - Inverters
Row Crop Head
Silage - Forage - Dump Box
Swather - Windrower
Tub Grinders - Bale Processors
Windrower Inverter

Planting Equipment

Air Seeder - Carts
Drills and Caddies
Planters - Row Units
Seed Handling - Tenders

Grain Handling And Storage Lease

Augers - Elevators - Conveyors
Carts - Wagons
Drive Over Hopper
Grain Binds and Equipment
Grain Dryers
Grain Vaccum

Livestock and Manure Handling Lease

Dairy and Dairy Equipment
Feed Grinder/Mixers/Processors
Feers/Waterers/Barn Equipment
Manure Handling and Applicators

Rotary Cutters and Shredders

Chipper - Mulch Spreader
Disc Mower
Finish Mowers
Flail Mowers
Flail Shredder
Rotary Mowers
Sicle Mowers