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Soweto Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd



Soweto Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd

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Soweto Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd was registered under the Companies Act of South Africa. It is an investment company which operates under the trade name Soweto Group. Since its inception in December 2013, Soweto Group has established branches in Ghana, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Our primary objective is to provide high quality goods and services cost effectively while ensuring maximum returns for investors and shareholders. In addition, our objective is to empower the communities in which we operate; provide training and skills transfer; and help create permanent jobs. To achieve these objectives and ensure sustainable development, the company intends to invest in manufacturing, agriculture, information technology, telecommunications, hospitality, tourism, health-care, energy, infrastructure development, engineering, and entertainment.

Our emphasis on manufacturing will enable the company to develop new technologies, create jobs, and become highly competitive. We believe, manufacturing is the rock on which the future of Africa lies.


Our vision is to lead the company responsibly with inspiration, ingenuity, and in a manner which creates a better tomorrow for all stakeholders. We embrace innovation, research & development, ethical standards, integrity, compliance with rules and regulations, and social responsibility.


Our mission it to a trusted and reliable company which offers high quality products and services to our customers at competitive prices. We aim to make a difference in our target markets by bringing real and permanent good to everyday people, in a manner which is consistently courteous, respectful, and professional.

Value Proposition

We deliver high quality products and services at affordable prices, closer to where you live, quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Our offerings provide superior value and make a difference.

Core Business/Priority Projects

In addition to creating an investment portfolio through African Exchanges, mergers and acquisitions, BEE partnerships, Soweto Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd, will create several subsidiaries, divisions/branches which will focus on various sectors including, but not limited to:


Our core business is to establish manufacturing plants of various products including, but not limited to food processing & packaging, clothing, electronics, appliances, etc., in Soweto, Richards Bay, Coega, Kayelitsha, Limpopo, and Mpumalanga. The manufactured products will be sold directly to distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. However, we hope to sell most of our products directly to the public through our distribution networks/outlets such discount stores, supermarkets, and wholesalers.

Galactic Data, this division focuses on Information Technology and Telecommunications, including:

  • 3-D
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Computer Forensics
  • Software Engineering
  • Modern Network Architecture
  • Broadband Connections and Fiber Optic Communications
  • Information Communications and Technology Consulting

In addition, Galactic Data will develop software applications for a variety of devices and entities, including, but not limited to: mobile devices, appliances, educational programs, governmental agencies, not-for-profit organizations, hospitals, entertainment industry, advertising agencies, supermarkets, etc.


Investment in agriculture will initially focus primarily on agro-processing and integrated poultry business including feed mills, chicken housing, mobile and fixed poultry processing, and distribution under the brand “Blue Crane Chickens™. As a result, Soweto Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd will partner with Victor Dube’s Poultry Processing plant in Mpumalanga and the Xolo Community Trust Abattoir in Hibiscus, KwaZulu-Natal to establish an integrated poultry business which will process approximately 10 million birds per annum. In addition, we will acquire about 9 Mobile Poultry Processing Units to assist small farmers through the country with their chicken processing needs.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy technologies provide attractive environmentally sound technology for power generation in Africa. Key to the furthering energy infrastructure in Africa will be private public partnerships. South Africa accounts for 45% of total electricity generated in Africa, however, the demand for electricity in South Africa far exceeds the supply. Soweto Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd will form a consortium of companies to develop renewable energy power plants in Southern Africa, including, but not limited to: Waste-to-Energy, Solar PV, Biomass, CSP, and Small Hydro.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the stewardship of Soweto Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd, for all strategic decisions, and for the supervision of management and the affairs of the Company. The principal functions and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, whether directly or through delegation to the Board Committees include:

  • Overseeing management including adopting a succession planning process, participating in the selection, appointment, development, evaluation and compensation of senior officers, promoting a culture of integrity consistent with the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics;
  • Overseeing the reliability and integrity of the accounting principles and practices and the disclosure principles and practices followed by management;
  • Overseeing the integrity of S.I.C.'s internal controls and management information systems by adopting appropriate internal and external audit and control systems;
  • Identifying major risks which might impact the Company and ensuring systems are in place to manage those risks;
  • Adopting a strategic planning process whereby management develops and proposes, and the Board of Directors reviews and approves, significant corporate strategies and objectives;
  • Overseeing S.I.C.'s continuous disclosure program and periodically reviewing and approving any significant changes to S.I.C.'s Disclosure Policy; and
  • Overseeing the development of the Company's approach to corporate governance including reviewing and approving any changes to S.I.C.'s Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Directors of Soweto Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd:

  • William Ntsoana, Chairman & CEO

  • T. Maleka, Vice Chairman

  • Zanella Tutu, President
  • Angela Gqirana, Business Development Director
  • Dr. Willy Tsaku, Vice President

  • Bruce Selebi, COO

  • Paul Roelofse, CFO

  • Emmanuel Mothabi, CIO

  • Elizabeth Dudu, Secretary

  • Representative of Community Based Organization in Soweto, Director

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors of Soweto Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd is committed to its fiduciary responsibility to represent shareholder interests and oversee the management of Soweto Investment Corporation's business and sets high standards for the company's stakeholders, including, employees, officers, and suppliers.

The procedures and standards the board follows to fulfill its responsibilities are recorded in the Board Committee Charters and through the various guideline documents. These are subject to modification from time to time as the board deems appropriate in the best interest of the company or as required by applicable laws and regulations.

Committee Charters:

  • Audit Committee Charter
  • Compensation Committee Charter
  • Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee 

Governance Documents:

  • Corporate Governance Guidelines
  • Code of Business, Conduct, and Ethics                                                            

Business Strategy

Soweto Investment Corporation’s business strategy is to become a household name and a preferred provider of high quality products and services in Africa, at competitive prices, while maintaining lower cost than the competition and increasing market share, in order to maximize value for all stakeholders.

Expand our customer base

We intend to selectively expand our customer base over time, capitalizing on our management expertise, extensive international networks, exceptionally competent and visionary leadership.

Maintain a diverse product line

We intend to maintain our products to high standards, with a mix of products and services targeted to consumers in areas which have largely been neglected. To meet the diverse needs of our target customer base, we will carry a variety of products and bring them closer to our customers through innovative means.

Utilize reputable and expert partners to reach out to the customer base

Soweto Investment Corporation will outsource, under close supervision, the day-to-day operations of certain functions, marketing, and distribution of certain products and services, to well-established companies with considerable expertise. This approach facilitates both the tailoring of distribution and production management and effective cost control and risk management.

Be opportunistic

We aim to preserve financial flexibility so as to be able to take advantage of expansion opportunities at the appropriate time.

Be cost competitive

Soweto Investment Corporation will actively manage its capital structure and operating cost base to eliminate inefficiencies and minimize the blended costs of its offering.

Maintain a portfolio of projects with staggered durations

Our objective is to maintain a staggered expiration of our investments and projects in order to reduce risk and maintain stable and predictable revenues throughout the market cycle.

Capitalize on accretive acquisitions

Soweto Investment Corporation intends to acquire companies which have growth potential and merge with those which have synergies that are accretive to distributable cash flows, meet stringent quality requirements, comply with targeted return thresholds and complement the scope of the company’s offerings and portfolio approach to risk management.

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